The Elephant Conservation Center’s mission is to start a new era for conservation of the Asian elephant within the Lao PDR and to offer a unique experience to visitors wishing to contribute towards the protection of an endangered species. The Center was launched in 2011. It is managed by a team of elephant specialists that have been working towards the protection of elephants in Laos for over a decade, running welfare, vetcare, breeding and mahouts training programmes. The Elephant Conservation Center mainly ensures its financial viability through paid visits of the site and private donations. The ECC also receives support from partner foundations and organisations as listed on our homepage. Beyond contributing to the protection of a highly endangered species from regional extinction, the ECC ensures a sustainable and fair income for mahouts and their families. By visiting the ECC, you support an environmentally friendly and fair business approach. Your visit protects ancestral cultures, knowledge and traditions as well as a rich and fragile tropical ecosystem.


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