At AsiaTrips we understand the importance to promote renewable energies in today’s society with the rapid depletions of the Earth’s fossil fuels and the negative impact the extraction of these fossil fuels has. There we encourage and promote our guest to spend time at Elephant Hills in Khao Sok National park, Thailand. The offer a the Rainforest Camp which has been designed to be at one with nature and incorporates both Solar and Wind energy to help us minimize our impact on the surrounding environment, utilizing a unique waste management system which means we do not pollute the waters of Cheow Larn Lake. The tents in the Rainforest Camp have thier own solar power source, meaning the lights and plug sockets, en-suite bathroom and dining area are all run from this renewable energy source. Along with this we have wind turbines to top up and backup generators for .

The aim is to allow you to explore Khao Sok safe in the knowledge that you will leave only footprints in this endangered habitat. A unique, responsible, luxury adventure through Khao Sok National Park and Southern Thailand!

For further information about Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp please visit the following webpage

Elephant-hill Tour With Asia Trips


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