One of the most exciting ways to explore Myanmar is to do it by bike especially if you’re a keen cyclist looking for adventure. Take in all the stunning and historical sights and attractions that litter this entire country. You can also easily get off the beaten track and discover amazing places in this relatively undiscovered part of the world.

One of the more fascinating and exhilarating bike routes in the country is from Yangon to Bagan and can be done easily in 6 days. Here at AsiaTrips we have a suggested itinerary to those you are keen to carry out this route.

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

In Yangon, once you have taken the time to relax and explore the sights take the ’71 up’ train to Pyay from the Yangon train station which takes around  6-7 hours and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Burmese countryside. Disembark just outside Pyay and continue by taxi for the final hour to Pyay. At Pyay you will rest and take a break overnight.

The second day will actually be your first day of riding. Bike to Paung Ta Le to explore the lively morning market as the market is an important part of Pyay life featuring lively. Peruse the stalls and meet the local vendors. Stop for a cup of tea to complete your Burmese morning. Then head over to Payama, one of four stupas that once sat at the corners of the old Sri Khetra city. Continue biking to Mhaw Zar and explore Sri Khetra archeological museum. Visit Baw Baw Gyi Paya, the oldest stupa in the area stupa, Lay Myat Nar temple and Ba Yin Ma cemetery and Payagyi, another corner stupa. Then visit the famous Sal Tree, the tree under which Buddha was born.

In the afternoon, cross the Irrawaddy River to visit Shwe Bon Thar Muni Paya. According to legend, the Shwe Bon Thar Muni Buddha image was one of three replicas of the Maha Myat Muni Buddha image. Return back to Pyay and climb up to Shwesandaw Paya to enjoy sunset and take a rest overnight again in Pyay.

On the third day you should depart by car and for Magway and begin your biking tour at Koe Pin Junction and travel 60 km on flat flat roads with limited traffic and stop at some of the many villages along the way and get to know the friendly locals and stop of at the many local restaurants for lunch. When you arrive at the main street near Thit Yar Kaut Village, transfer the final 26 km to Magaway by car where you can relax Magway or explore the town. Then take a trip across the Irrawaddy to Na Ka Pwe Taung, an unusual pool of bubbling mud with a nearby temple. Overnight in Magway.

Mount Popa, myanmar

Mount Popa

On the fourth day you will ride to Mount Popa along the way you will stop to observe the process of making toddy juice and sugar. In the afternoon you’ll reach Mount Popa Mountain where you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding plains. This evening you will sleep locally close to Mount Popa. The next day you will climb to the top of the Mount Popa which is important to Myanmar culture, religion and history. Its shrine is dedicated to the worship of the 37 Nats, ancient Burmese animist spirits. Return to the base and hop back on your bike the journey to Bagan and stop at some local villages and restaurants. As you approach Bagan, you will begin to see the ancient temple tops in the distance. One you reach Bagan take a well earned rest.

The following day you will be spent on a leisurely biking tour of Bagan’s villages, markets and temples. Visit to the colorful, vibrant Nyaung Oo Market where locals come to buy and sell fresh produce and other goods. See Ananda Temple, one of Bagan’s most stunning temples. Continue biking through the Bagan plains and arrive at an elevated temple to watch the sunset and relax in Bagan, as you have completed your journey.

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