When is comes to wines Myanmar doesn’t really spring to mind however the country does have two wineries which are both located close to Inle Lake with interesting backgrounds and history. As Myanmar is located in a tropical region it can be a disadvantage for wines grapes as the vines can be damaged by the regular monsoon weather. However, the wineries have been planted high up in the mountains close to Inle Lake where the vineyards are protected.

The first winery is the Aythaya Winery, close to famous Inle Lake with a pleasant 30 minutes drive between the vineyard and Nyang Shwe which is on the Northern shore of the Lake. The location of Aythaya with its excellent terroir, its soil texture of calcareous origin, the ambient temperature, also being at an altitude of 1,200m (3,940ft) and without excessive rainfalls is absolutely ideal for producing excellent wines.  It is even indispensable for the famous Aythaya white wines.

Aythaya vineyard has become a popular destination for international travelers who wish to learn more about wines, their terroirs, of grape harvesting and the understanding of the taste differences of grape varieties  especially when paired together with local food.

The second winery is Red Mountain which is located on the side of the Lake, in the southern Shan State. The Red Mountain Estate produces the some of the best wines of the country. Since the beginning, the wines are produced with locally grown grapes. All of the 400,000 plants have been imported from France and Spain, and the variety chosen after experimentations.

It’s a combination of different factors, the cool climate, the soils, the long experience of their very own French winemaker that make great wines. The wines are made in the tradition of western wines with all new technologies and modern equipments. It first started in 2002 with the recruitment of the French winemaker, Francois Raynal, and purchase of the winery equipments in Italy. The Taung Che site was choosen near the Inle Lake to build the winery and to plant the vineyard. Then 2006 it produced the first 1,000 bottles of red and white wines.

As there are only these two wineries in the whole country serving the palate of the locals and tourists alike there is nowhere near enough production to export these wines therefore you must travel to Myanmar itself to try the local wines.

So if you thinking about travelling to Myanmar then make sure you don’t miss out on this interesting and fascinating part of your adventure.
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