There is much debate as to should or should you not take a guided holiday. There are many factors that can influence your decision such as your experience of the country that you’re travelling in, your budget, and if you enjoy the challenge of making your own way through a destination.

We at AsiaTrips firmly believe that if you are travelling to a country for the first, and even the second or third time it is extremely important to take a guide with you because it will give you such a better experience and in the end you will get your money’s worth in memories and satisfaction.

Here’s a few points to consider when you book your next holiday in regards to taking a guided tour.

1. Save Time

Taking a guide with you when you have limited time is crucially important. Guides book are fulls of attractions and places to visit, and usually you have to travel to each one on your own time and at your own leisure but with a guide you can tell them what your interests are and what you would like to prioritize and they can guide you around using their local knowledge and show you the highlights that would interest you rather than you traipsing from place to place and using up valuable holiday time.

2. Save Money

Believe it or not contrary to popular belief you can actually save money being taking a guide. A guide can show you the most efficient way to travel from place to place and be on hand to make sure that you do not get stung by over eager touts. Guides also visit places frequently so they usually have a deal or discount with certain tourist attractions and even restaurants.

3. Peace of Mind

Going with a guided tour company means that your holiday will be hassle free and you will have peace of mind knowing that most of the organization and prep work for visiting attractions is the responsibility of the guide and the tour company.  Not only does this go hand in hand with saving time and money but you also don’t need to worry about studying about where to visit and how to get there, so each place can be a real surprise!

4. Safety

Going to a destination for the first time can be frightening and it can leave you with a feeling of vulnerability which means that you are not fully relaxed and open to enjoy the most of your holiday. A tour guide can help you avoid potentially dangerous areas and situations and ensure that you do not get taken advantage of which means that you will feel much safer and free to enjoy your tour without feeling apprehensive about potential dangerous situations.

5. Hidden Secrets

Because guides often travel to the same places over and over again it allows them to discover and explore places and attractions that may not be on the tourist trail. This way you will be at an advantage to see hidden secret places that others will miss out on.

6. Knowledge

Now if you are like me and you hate reading travel guides about certain places or attractions then you can fail to appreciate the history and importance of the place you are visiting. Discovering a place when you know the background behind it and it’s history can maximise the satisfaction of being there and give you a sense of achievement of being a part of history and will enhance your pleasure and also your knowledge.


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