Southeast Asia is blessed to have a huge number of beautiful and sun-kissed islands with idyllic beaches and stunning views. It is one of the reasons why so many of us travel to this part of the world. However this is also a problem because we all want to visit these amazing places in their idyllic settings. So we have managed to find some not so well known but equally stunning islands and decided to share them with you.


1. Koh Phayam, Thailand

Buffulo Bay , Koh Phayam

Buffulo Bay , Koh Phayam

Taking 2 hours from Ranong by boat is this undiscovered beauty in the Andaman Sea with a population of only 500. It is only 10 km long and 5km wide has has stunning long white sandy beaches, clear blue sea and coral reefs. The island is surrounded by natural beauty and there are no cars allowed on the island.

There are two main bays on the island. The first being Aow Yai ( the sunset bay) and the second, Aow Khao Kwai (Buffalo bay ). Long white sandy beaches curve both bays and no one is around for miles, you truly feel like you have got away from it all in Koh Phayam. The locals are very warm and friendly and there is also plenty of jungle, forests and wildlife to explore. This is an paradise island with a laid back atmosphere.


2. Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia

Koh Ta Kiev Island

Koh Ta Kiev Island

This island is truly beautiful with golden sun-drenched beaches. There are 3 stunning beaches here with access to them all and the surrounding clear blue waters, sea life and coral make it an amazing place for snorkelling. There are very few places to stay on the islands which makes it the perfect getaway. There is also plenty of hiking and walking available with trekking paths to explore and plenty of wildlife to see. You will even find an absinthe distillery on the island for you to visit.

Only an hour away from the mainland, Koh Ta Kiev is one of the closest islands to Sihanoukville. Very few travellers actually make it to this island so it’s off the beaten path which makes it even more secret. If you are going to visit then go now as there are ongoing plans to create more hotels and resorts.


3. Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

Koh Yao Yai

Koh Yao Yai

Ko Yao Yai remains one of the most unspoiled, truly tranquil islands off the Andaman coast and the largest island in the Ko Yao Archipelago. The island group is in Phang Nga Bay in the Phang Nga Province and It is the ideal island for a laid back type of traveller, those on romantic escapes and families looking for a relaxing holiday. The beaches to visit are Khlong Son Beach which is a stunning and peaceful beach, here you can take a nice long stroll across the beach which is clean  and white making it the perfect spot to relax. 

Another beach to visit is Laem Nok OK Beach. This pristine hideaway beach is difficult to get to but worth the journey for the pure fact that you will have the whole beach to yourself. As it is surrounded by tropical jungle and rubber plantations, the road to the beach is challenging but the beach has a small brook which flows gently into the sea with a fine sandy beach surrounded by crystal blue water. The only way to Yao Yai is by boat from Phuket, Phang Nga or Krabi.


4. Phu Quy Island, Vietnam

Phu Quy

Phu Quy Island

Blessed with with beautiful landscapes which include vast rows of casuarinas trees this island is gorgeous. 120 kilometers southeast of the Phan Thiet Sea the island has long stretches of white sandy beaches and dense coral reefs, With cool climate year-round, crystal-clear waters and fascinating coral reefs, the island is a great place to keep close touch with nature and enjoy a calm and serene atmosphere ideal for summer getaways or romantic settings.

Though the place holds a lot of beautiful sceneries and important cultural sites and among the places to see around the island is the famous lighthouse that sits on Cam Mountain. Not only the lighthouse provides tourists the best view of the island’s romantic landscapes and beautiful rock formations, the people in the island also take pride on it as it is one of the only two lighthouses in the country that runs on solar energy. On the same mountain lies the Linh Buu Pagoda, one of the many pagodas and temples that have graced the island for so long. An Thanh Temple which holds remains of gigantic whales worshipped by the locals along with the 18th century-built Linh Quang temple are two of the nationally-recognized cultural-historic sites embedded in this beautiful place.


5. Koh Totang, Cambodia

Koh Totang

Koh Totang

This island is as natural as it can get with an abundance of secret beaches and some of the best snorkelling in the area. There are hardly any locals here not to mention tourists, so you will be far away from the real world as possible. The island is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef with coastline full of colourful marine life, beautiful birds. There is also Kayaking available on the island if you find yourself getting bored.

Koh Totang lies in a 12 island archipelago in the Koh-Kong province about 60 kilometres from the Thai border and 60 kilometres from Sihanoukville, we are out of reach from your everyday tourist, but easily accessible for those looking to get away. You can easily walk around the island during low tide in about three hours.


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