Koh Kong is the perfect location to visit if you want it all – stunning mountains, beautiful beaches, tropical mangroves, jungles, rivers, waterfalls and so much more. Koh Kong is the capital of Koh Kong province in Cambodia’s Cardamom mountains, which is located in the Southwest of Cambodia close to the Thai border.

Koh Kong Town

Koh Kong Town

It is one of Cambodia’s greenest and most eco-friendly provinces and has a vast undeveloped coastline which makes it the ideal ‘Off-the-beaten path’ location.

Koh Kong Island is Cambodia’s largest island and has seven beaches all located along the west coast, many of which are lined with swaying coconut trees and one beach even has a hidden lagoon. The east of the island is covered by forestation and there is a main fishing village called Alatang. It is forbidden to visit some parts of the island but overnight camping is allowed as more and more tour operators are making frequent tours to the island as the island is considered to have some of the best untouched beaches in Southeast Asia. Visitors who travel to Koh Kong should make sure that they do not miss out on a trip to the island.

Back on the mainland of Koh Kong there are many things to see and do. One of the most popular is a trip to see Tatai Waterfall. It is an impressive attraction especially in the rainy season and even during the dry season it is a lovely spot to relax. It is a place of great natural beauty and to come and enjoy the fresh air and a refreshing swim.

Koh Kong Bridge

Koh Kong Bridge

Another place to visit is Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary. It is easy to get there by foot as it is located just a couple of kilometers outside of the main town. The sanctuary is run by locals who campaign to preserve their local habitat and is said to be the largest mangrove estuary left in Asia.

You can also join one of the many Ecotours that Koh Kong prides itself on and help contribute to the local economy. The guides are locals and will show you the best of what the area has to offer in a safe and convenient way including boat rides through the thick mangroves, a stop at the local beach and trip to the Cardamom mountains. You also get the opportunity to kayak, swim and snorkel too.

Most travelers see Koh Kong City only briefly as they pass through town on their way to or from the Thai border crossing, but that is gradually changing. There are many guesthouses and hotels in Koh Kong so there is plenty of good accommodation to choose from especially as there is a casino in the town which is frequented by local Thai’s coming over from across the border at Cham Yeam, about 10 km by road northwest of the town.

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