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Hiking or walking adventures are fast becoming popular amongst travellers are they are looking for more unique and interesting places to go, that are off the beaten track. Myanmar is probably not at the top of your list if looking for are looking for a hiking holiday but it is great place because it not only offers excellent hiking trails and amazing scenery but also interaction with the local communities with a real insight into a different culture and way of life. AsiaTrips has selected 4 of the best places to go if you are interested in choosing Myanmar to go Hiking.




Kalaw Landscape

Kalaw is actually a small village that is located in Shan state near Inle. It has fast become an epicenter for for trekking for its beautiful views and scenery. The picture perfect rolling hillsides are great for walking and you get the opportunity to visit the villages that dot the trails. Kalaw is probably the busiest area for hiking in the country with many tour groups hiking here but this is because of its obvious beauty and convenience to travel here. However, if you arrive out of season you will find that you have most of the trails all to yourself to enjoy. There is plenty of accommodation in Kalaw available and is a great place to hike if you only have a short time in your itinerary for hiking.


Kalaw – Inle lake

Best visited just out of the season to escape the crowds, this trail takes usually around one or two days to complete. You will pass colourful and interesting villages which you can explore and get to see how the village people in the Shan State live. You final destination is Inle Lake which is a rewarding place to complete your journey as it has plenty of accommodation and restaurants to suit all budgets. However along the way accommodation is limited and basic so you will most likely end up staying in a monastery accommodation. The set to go hiking on this trail is well organised and you can find english speaking guides and even have your luggage transported to Inle which gives you more freedom and peace of mind to explore and enjoy the hike.


Pyin U Lwin

Pyin U Lwin if full of character and history, complete with English colonial buildings, a pretty town just 2 hours out of Mandalay it is another great place to hike because of it’s cool temperatures as compared of that with Mandalay but makes it uncomfortable if you decide to to this trail in the winter because it does become quite cold. There are many attractions to also visit in and around this hill town as well as the colonial buildings there are a numbers of popular waterfalls such as Anisakan Falls and Pwe Kauk Falls and also Maymyo Botanical Gardens. You can also visit a number of caves including Peik Chin Myaung Cave. There is also the Maha Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda to visit in the town.




For our last recommendation we have chosen this beautiful, quaint town northeast of Mandalay. Don’t be fooled by it’s remote location because this is exactly why it is great for hiking. There are plenty natural attractions to explore and discover on your visit with a number of waterfalls and hotsprings. The views are beautiful too are there are also gorgeous rice fields to see. It is recommended that you arrange at least 2-3 days in this area because you have plenty of trails to keep you busy and also jungle trekking on offer.



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