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AsiaTrips encourages all our guests to help improve the lives of  underprivileged children by dining at restaurants run by TREE (Training Restaurants for Employment and Entrepreneurship). TREE is a global alliance of training restaurants offering its partners in the NGO world access to established high quality standards of practice in the field of social enterprise and extensive support in implementing those.

TREE restaurants are based upon a highly successful model of social business which provides not only positive beneficial impact but also customer satisfaction and enhanced sustainability for the organization. All profits from TREE restaurants are invested back into the students who train there and the the social programs which support them on their journey to becoming a skilled, productive and happy young people with a more stable and successful future. Restaurants include Makphet Restaurant in Vientiane, Laos and Friends of the Earth in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Student and Teacher in the Kitchen in one of the TREE restaurantsStudent and Teacher in the Kitchen in one of the TREE restaurants

Student and Teacher in the Kitchen in one of the TREE restaurants

When you choose to dine at a TREE restaurant, you are not only choosing to have a wonderful culinary experience in beautiful surroundings but you are actually choosing to support a young person as they train to build a better future for themselves.

TREE training restaurants are businesses that provide high quality service and food. They are also, and most importantly, social businesses with an ultimate goal of providing young people, many of them former street youth, with the skills they need to become employable in the thriving hospitality industry. TREE combines hands-on, on-the-job training with life skills education and all the social support necessary to ensure that students can graduate successfully. The training and the social support which runs alongside meets the exact needs of each individual student, building their confidence and skills and empowering them to secure employment and build a better future for themselves.

Many of the students are former street children or have come from other marginalized and at-risk groups. They are young people who may have felt they would never have the opportunity to do well in life.

There are many ways in which you can help contribute to the organisation and development of this good cause. If you have you got skills which can help TREE to  build futures for the young people that TREE work with then you can contribute your time and skills. If you currently have a restaurant and are open to becoming a vocational training restaurant then you can become a TREE Alliance partner.

For more details about how TREE restaurants and how you can help please visit

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