Chi Phat is a small village located in the Cardamon Mountains in Cambodia and it is one of the most wonderful and authentic experiences you may have in Southeast Asia. Chi Pat is unique in that it is focused in Ecotourism with the Wildlife Alliance helping to educate and teach the local community to make their living from tourism instead of animal trafficking.

In the blissful Cardamon Mountains you will discover a place where you will experience the real Cambodia full of adventure, activities and experiences. Here, you will be able to Trek, cycle, kayak or boat all with the help of the local community who are dedicated to preserving their environment and making themselves more sustainable.

Trekking around Chi Pat

Trekking around Chi Pat

With the assistance of the Wildlife Alliance Chi Pat has slowly changed from a hunting and smuggling region into a beacon of hope for the Cambodian forest. The Wildlife Alliance work directly with the Cambodian government and the Chi Pat community in implementing laws that ensure and enforce the protection of wildlife and the environment in the area. They also help to recruit rangers, train them, and equip them. The Alliance also assists the local community in developing livelihoods that do not damage the rainforest: either  sustainable agriculture, or ecotourism, or development of small family-scale businesses with over 5,000 people in the area having benefited from development of sustainable jobs.

In Chi Pat itself there is plenty of activities for all levels and tastes ranging from a half day exploration of the village to multi- day trekking adventures in the surrounding rainforest. If you wish to just relax and enjoy yours surroundings you can stay around the village and visit the nearby waterfalls to swim , enjoying fishing which includes lobsters at night, and learn the village way of life  and try your hand at cooking a local dish.

If you prefer more adventure you can take a two-day trekking tour through the jungle with one of the local guides and a cook starting with a serene boat trip before sunrise and sleeping in hammocks in the middle of the jungle and see amazing wildlife like Pangolins and Civets in their natural environment.

Bird watching in the Kayak along the river.

Bird watching in the Kayak along the river.

If you are not too keen on trekking because of the heat, you may wish to do some of river activities and cycling. Kayaking on the river is very peaceful and beautiful and also another great way to see local wildlife and you will find plenty of paths to cycle under the shade of the rainforest and it’s great way to stay cool in the afternoons.

There are also great options in regards to accommodation at Chi Pat with homestays, guesthouses, bungalows and if you choose to go multi-day camping you will sleep in a forest camp where you’ll live a real forest experience sleeping in the middle of nature.

If you need any assistance, help or advice there is also a visitors center on site which also contains a restaurant that provides a buffet-style service for breakfast, lunch and dinner with vegetarians, vegans and some special dietary requirement available.

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