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The most popular areas to visit in Vietnam are the North and the South of Vietnam, with the heavyweight cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh attracting large amounts of visitors to the country. This means that those with limited time will usually keep Central Vietnam bottom of the list or leave it out altogether.

However, Central Vietnam has stunning landmarks, beautiful countryside, gleaming stretches of white beaches and lush jungle-clad mountains, this part of Southeast Asia is becoming one of Southeast Asia’s most adventurous destinations an ancient UNESCO World Heritage site.

Central Vietnam also has a tropical climate and endless coastline which attracts beach lovers. The beaches also gentle seas most of the time which is why it is a perfect location for watersports such as kite surfing.

If you enjoy food then Central Vietnam has all the flavours and smells of Vietnam as the region touches both North and South Vietnam and with the long coastline seafood is good in this part of the world. This is complimented by local street stall, food markets and local eateries.

Here is a brief rundown on the places in Central Vietnam and what they have to offer.


Spectacular palaces, temples and mausoleums tell of a glorious former era in this city on the Perfume River. One of the country’s most important cultural and historical locations, it was ruled over by 13 different members of the Nguyen Dynasty during its time as an imperial capital.

Hoi An

 Japanese bridge at night, Hoi An Ancient Town

Japanese bridge at night, Hoi An Ancient Town

Also known as Faifo, this small city on the sea was once one of Southeast Asia’s most significant trade ports. Even today, the spectacular architectural heritage in the city’s narrow streets bears witness to its former riches. For a truly unforgettable experience, we recommend timing your visit to coincide with the Full Moon Festival.


Situated amidst mountains, this temperate city was once of a chain of “Stations climatiques” where colonial rulers came to escape the bothersome tropical climate and sooth their feelings of homesickness. Around 17 of their former villas have been converted into a one-of-a-kind luxury resort.

Nha Trang

A place of sophistication since the time of the emperors, Nha Trang offers a chic palm-lined promenade and a number of hotels, restaurants, cafés and nightclubs along its 6 km beach. Excursions to the approximately 80 offshore islands are popular with tourists. The city’s airport also offers direct flights to Russia.

Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam.

Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam.



The country’s fourth-largest city is an ideal starting point for discovering Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also pampers visitors with the picturesque China Beach – over 30 kilometers of pure white sand.

My Son

Nestled between hills and enveloped by clouds of mist, My Son is a cluster of ruins marking the former cultural and religious centre of the legendary Cham Dynasty (4th-13th century). It is located around 40 km from Hoi An.

Qui Nhon

The charming sandy beaches of this seaside resort are a great place for visitors to relax off the well-trodden tourist trail.

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