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Down the Footpaths of Myanmar

Down the Footpaths of Myanmar

Down the Footpaths of Myanmar

11 Days / 10 Nights

from Yangon / to Inle See

Tour Highlights
11 days and 10 nights of exciting trekking adventure
Explore the city of Yangon on foot
• Enjoy the sights and sites of the ancient city of Bagan
Learn the process of creating “Poneyay” and plum jam
Observe the production of one of Myanmar’s best-known handicrafts
Enjoy an unforgettable sunset on an upper terrace of a temple
Take a scenic trip across the Irrawaddy River
• Hike to the top of Tant Kyi
Explore the ancient sites of Mandalay
• Taste local cuisines
• Visit the snake temple
• Discover the “City of Immortality”
• Explore the Buddha-filled Pindaya caves
• Participate in a local cooking demonstration
• Enjoy a boat cruise at Inle Lake
• Wander around the village of Indein
Prepare to stretch your legs in this 11-day journey across exciting places in Myanmar. You will get to enjoy local sceneries and visit ancient sites and monuments. You will also see local people go on their daily lives. Part of the tour will introduce you to local beliefs and traditions, including traditional medicine and ancient worship practices. The tour will be highlighted by a scenic trip across the Irrawaddy River where you will have a first-hand experience of seeing river life in the countrysides.


Day 1: Arrival Yangon

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your guide, who will accompany you, as you are transferred to the hotel.  After freshening up, you will transfer to Yangon Railway station to embark upon a circular train journey to the outskirts of town (20-30 minutes ride) to observe the lively and colorful life of the rural Burmese people. Disembark to visit Kyi Myin Daing market and enjoy exploring the market and meeting the friendly locals before returning by road to Yangon. Transfer back to your hotel for a short break.

In the afternoon, you will visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is the Image of Myanmar or the guardian image of all people. Shwedagon is shining in its gold with the height of 326 feet about 100 meters high, the whole stupa is decorated with gold leaves and gold plates. With a crown or umbrella decorated with thousands and thousands of jewelleries at its apex, there is a bulb fully ornamented with diamonds and the biggest diamond out of more than 4000 numbers has 64 carats. A visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda during the setting sun is a wonderful moment to enjoy the alteration of lustre and the tones of its gold colour according to the brightness of the sun, which could last in your memory forever.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 2: Yangon (Walking Tour), (B, – , -)

Firstly you will visit the Bothahtaung jetty and Bothahtaung pagoda, which is an ancient arrival port of entry to Yangon. Then proceed to the Pansodan Jetty passing by the central post office. On the way, you can also visit the historical hotel named “Strand Hotel”, which was built since 1901 and is a hotel in the list of the Yangon City Heritage. If you like, you can have a cup coffee or tea (at your own account) in the cafe of the legendary Strand Hotel. Then you continue walking around the historical buildings, which bring back the image of colonial era. Walking along the Pansodan Road, where colonial buildings line up on your both sides, till you get to Sule Pagoda, the spot that represents the centre of Yangon, where you will be surrounded by the High Court, Immanuel Church, Islamic Moresque and Sule Pagoda all these different Religious Buildings to convince you that Myanmar has a freedom of Religion. You will see the city hall as well as the independence monument in the Mahabandula Park.  

Proceed to walk through the indian district, where you can see their daily life by selling all kinds of old and junks for electrical appliances, those seems to be worthless but eventually not for some particular customers. Afterwards, you will get the historical “Scott Market”, where you can see the life of people and local products like woven materials, wood and stone carvings, jewellery and gems.  

After having a break in your hotel in the afternoon, you will visit the reclining Buddha in mega size named Chauk Htat Gyi, which is 256 feet (About 70 Meters) long.  Around the precinct of reclining Buddha, there are monasteries, which you could visit at your own choice. Afterwards, we will proceed to visit the Kandaw Gyi Lake together with the Karaweik Park. And then drive to the china town and visit the busy market and its historical Chinese temple, firstly founded in Myanmar. Return to your hotel.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 3: Yangon – Bagan (B, -, -)

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the airport for the flight to Bagan (NyaungOo). Bagan was the capital of Myanmar from the 11th to 13th centuries during which time thousands of massive stupas and temples where constructed. Many of them are still standing today on the banks of the Irrawaddy River.

Upon arrival, your journey begins with a visit to an elevated temple from where you will have a panoramic view of the Bagan plains. Then, travel to the NyuangOo morning market where locals gather every day to barter fresh produce, meats, flowers and pottery.  Spend time in one of the many tea shops, take a walk to a village, where you can learn the process of creating “Poneyay” (pea powder paste) and see how local plum jam is made and packed. Continue to the golden stupa of Shwezigon Pagoda for an introduction in to Bagan’s rich history.

The centre piece of Shwezigon is its large golden bell-shaped pagoda situated upon three terraces. The graceful bell shape of this pagoda became a prototype for later pagodas throughout Myanmar. Next, is the nearby Wetkyi-In Gubyaukgyi, a cave temple with exquisite jataka mural paintings and then Htilominlo Temple, esteemed for its fine plastered stucco and glazed sandstone decorations. This afternoon begin with a visit to a traditional lacquer ware workshop where you can observe the production of one of Myanmar’s best-known handicrafts.

Continue to Ananda Temple, one of Bagan’s most beautiful temples. This temple contains two unique Buddha images whose expressions seem to change depending on the distance from which the statue is viewed. From here, travel by horse cart for a tour of Thatbyinnyu, the highest temple in Bagan, Dhammayangyi Temple which is recognized to be the most Massive Type and Size, noted for its remarkable brickwork, and Sulamani Temple. Enjoy an unforgettable sunset over the plains from the upper terrace of one of the temples.

Overnight in Bagan.

Day 4: Bagan (B, L, -)

After breakfast at your hotel, you will begin your exciting trip to Tant Kyi Hill which is on the other side of Irrawaddy River. Tant Kyi is one of four temples entwined in the ShweDaw Lay Su legend or (Legend of 4 Replicas of Sacred Canine Tooth of Buddha) of King Anawratha. The legend states that the King was given a replica of Lord Buddha’s tooth and he placed this on the sacred elephant’s back and set him free.

The elephant stopped at four places around Bagan and the King built stupas at each of these locations. Thus the local Burmese believe that by visiting all four of these places in one morning your wish will be granted. Board a private boat for a scenic trip across the Irrawaddy River. Once ashore, take a short walk through the local villages found along the Irrawaddy, to the base of Tant Kyi. You then will join the locals on a hike to the top of Tant Kyi. The uphill trek takes around 1.5 hours and there are plenty of rest stops along the way or by car will take only 20 minutes from the arrival Jetty of Irrawaddy. Upon reaching the top, spend time at the temple, watch the locals as they make their offerings and rest in the cool shade of the temple grounds.

You will be rewarded with magnificent scenes of the Irrawaddy and temple dotted plains of Bagan. Exploring the area nearby will reveal small caves housing unusual Buddha statues. Return to the base by jeep where your boat will be waiting. Relax and enjoy the crossing back to Bagan. Transfer to a local restaurant for lunch. This afternoon, embark upon a 2 hour walk through the Bagan Archeological Park, featuring architecturally unique temples and rare Buddha images. Continue to Myinkabar village, visiting Nagayone, the oldest temple built by King Anawratha, and the unusual mural paintings at AhpaeYadanar along the way. Arrive Myinkabar to visit several smaller temples of historical interest, including Mya Zei Di Stone Pillar (a) Yar Za Ku MaRa Pillar the one with unusual stone inscriptions in four different languages like, Pali, Myanmar, Mon and Pyu Languages.

Overnight in Bagan.

Day 5: Bagan – Mandalay (B, -, -)

Early this morning transfer to the airport for the flight to Mandalay. Upon arrival, begin your sightseeing tour of Mandalay with a visit to Mahamuni Pagoda, home to one of the country’s most revered Buddha image covered with gold leaf. Next, tour traditional workshops, and observe the production of wood carvings, kalaga tapestries, and gold-leaf Making, using centuries old techniques.

Continue your Mandalay tour with a visit to Kuthodaw Pagoda, home to ‘the world’s largest book’. You’ll discover a collection of more than 700 marble slabs inscribed with sacred Buddhist teachings. Visit the Shwenandaw Monastery, the only remaining building from the 19th Enjoy the exquisite teak woodcarvings adorning the walls and roof. Finally,you will ascend the 900 steps of Mandalay Hill, passing many local shrines, temples and other religious monuments or You may go up to the top of Mandalay Hill by Car. Once atop the hill, to marvel at the great views of the surrounding countryside, Irrawaddy River and city centre.

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 6: Mandalay – Paleik – Amarapura – Mandalay (B, L, -)

Begin early this morning as your guide and driver picking you up from the hotel at 4.00am. Your first stop is the Maha Muni Pagoda, Mandalay’s most important religious site. The main Buddha image here is more than 3.5 metres high and is coated with gold leaf applied by the local pilgrims. Witness as monks and locals gather each morning at 4.30 to wash the statue’s face with scented water and clean his teeth with a soft brush. (The Buddha Image is considered to be a Living Buddha and Morning Wash in daily manner is the regular service administered by a Monk early in the Morning).

Next, peruse the morning market in central Mandalay. A huge, bustling market in early morning hours, vendors can be found selling fresh vegetable, exotic fruits, dried meats, flowers and handicrafts. Locals from near and far arrive by trishaw and motorbike to purchase goods and monks and nuns frequent the market to collect alms and purchase items for the monastery. For breakfast, visit a local tea shop. Sip a hot cup of coffee or try the local tea, a strong brew mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Sample Mandalay’s famous mee shay (noodles with pork or chicken, bean sprouts, toasted chickpea flour, rice flour gel, soy sauce and various herbs) and nangyi toke or mont di (rice noodle with a chicken curry).

Continue to Paleik after breakfast. Most travelers visit Paleik to see its more than 300 temples, including the famous snake temple. Built during the 14th and overgrown with weeds. Spend time walking amid the ruins, enjoying nature and the buildings and learning about the rich history of the area. Take a break at midday for lunch.

This afternoon, head to Taung Tha Man village located across the lake from Amarapura. Stroll through the village and visit the local monastery and school. Your next stop will lead you to Amarapura, the ‘City of Immortality’. Visit a silk weaving workshop producing exquisite handmade products, then visit Mahagandayon monastery reputed for its disciplined Monks, home to over one thousand monks. Take a stroll along the 200 year old teak U Bein Bridge. The bridge was constructed of 984 teak posts that were once part of the deserted Inwa Palace and it is 1.2 kilometers in length making it the world’s longest teak span. Enjoy a stroll along the bridge and the fabulous views of the surrounding farms and streams. Relax and watch the sun set at U Bein then return to your hotel.

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 7: Mandalay – Heho – Pindaya (B,-, -)

After breakfast, transfer to Mandalay Airport for a flight to Heho. From Heho, a scenic 2-2.5 hour drive leads to Pindaya. Upon arrival check in to your hotel and have lunch at a nearby restaurant (own account). Begin your journey with a gentle uphill trek to the Pindaya caves. Explore the Buddha filled caves, where thousands of statues form an important shrine for the local pilgrims.

Afterwards, stroll down the hill and visit a local craftshop to observe making paper from the pulp of mulberry trees and then return to your hotel.

Overnight in Pindaya.

Day 8: Pindaya – Nyaung Shwe (B, L, -)

Start the day with a visit to the Pindaya market, a typical rural market selling an array of food and dry goods. Take a short drive east of Pindaya then continue on foot to a small village. Here, you observe the daily activities of the people depending on the season. During the rainy season villagers’ weave bamboo mats and make of brooms. During the dry season you may see the drying of cheroot leaves or weaving of cotton.

Next, participate in a cooking demonstration at the village head man’s house or a in a field for a taste of local culture. Learn about ingredients used in some of the regional cuisine (Danu, Shan and Pa-Oh) and the techniques used to cook the tasty dishes. You may also have a chance to visit a small plantation of Herbs.

After cooking, sit down to enjoy a delicious lunch of your freshly prepared dishes. From here continue with a drive to NyaungShwe, arriving in the mid or late afternoon.

Overnight in Nyaung Shwe.

Day 9: Nyaung Shwe – Inle Lake – Nyaung Shwe (B, – , -)

This morning starts with a walking tour of Nyaung Shwe. Begin near the canal where boats arrive from the lake’s farms to drop off fresh produce for market. Visit the local market and the ‘tomato house’ where the produce is housed or kept and priced for market.

Next, walk to the boat jetty where you will board a private motorboat on Inle Lake, Enjoy a cruise pass Intha villages built on stilts over the lake and marvel at their floating gardens. Visit PhaungDawOo Pagoda, the lake’s main sanctuary, which contains five sacred Buddha images covered in gold leaf. Explore the local crafts of Inle Lake with a stop at the weaving village of Inpawkhone and a watch Burmese cigars being hand rolled at the cheroot factory. Return to Nyaung Shwe in the late afternoon and walk back to your hotel.

Overnight in Nyaung Shwe.

Day 10: Nyaung Shwe – Inle Lake – Nyaung Shwe (B, L, -)

Today begins with a light trek to a local Pa-Oh village. The walk takes 3-4 hours round trip and you will stop to have lunch in a family house. This afternoon, return to the lake and visit the area of Indein by boat. Stroll through the village and the beautiful Alaung Sitthou area, filled with picturesque stupas and magnificent views of the lake. Then return to your hotel in Nyaung Shwe.

Overnight in Nyaung Shwe.

Day 11: Nyaung Shwe – Heho – Departure (B)

This morning transfer to the Heho airport for your onward flight.

Partial Service requested from the Guest will demand more Accuracy with prior reconfirmation of the service to be supplied with Flexibility.

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Hotel Category Standard 1.788 2.831 434
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Hotel Category First Class 2.358 4.038 1.121
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Price per person in USD (private tour) 2 persons in double room 1 person in single room(single traveller) Single room supplement
Hotel Category Standard 1.902 3.012 458
Hotel Category Superior 2.008 3.358 713
Hotel Category First Class 2.508 4.296 1.180
Supplement for Christmas Eve (24 Dec) & New Year Eve (31 Dec) not included.
Note: On 24.12 and 31.12, some hotels charge for compulsory gala dinners. Please inquire with us to find out whether this applies for your tour.During certain dates, seasonal surcharges may apply, especially during Christmas, New Year and Myanmar Water Festival in April. Please inquire with us to find out whether this applies for your tour.

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Mandalay: Shwe Ingyinn Hotel *** (Superior Room)
Pindaya: Conqueror**(*)(Superior Room)
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Yangon: Best Western Green Hill ***(*) (Deluxe Room)
Bagan: Bagan Thande Hotel  ***  (Deluxe garden view )
Mandalay: Yadanarpon Dynasty Hotel *** (Villa)
Pindaya: Tha Hara Pindaya Hotel ***(Farm House)
Nyaung Shwe: Amazing Nyaung Shwe ***(*) (Deluxe Room)
Hotel Category First Class:
Yangon: Sule Shangrila Hotel  ***** (Deluxe Room)
Bagan: Aureum Palace Hotel ***** (Deluxe Room)
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