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Cambodia All the Way

Cambodia All the Way

12 Days / 11 NightsCambodia All the Way Map

from Siem Reap / to Phnom Penh

Tour Highlights
• 12 days and 11 nights of the best of Cambodia
• Tour different historical locations of the country
• Pedal your way to Siem Reap
• Get a first-hand experience of Khmer daily life
• Enjoy the sand and water of Kep and Sihanoukville
• Experience a unique water adventure at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

Explore Cambodia and discover what this magnificent country has to offer. Take a trip down Khmer’s memory lane as you visit various temples across the country, with highlight tour of the world-famous complex of Angkor Wat. Your tour will also take you to different villages in the country side where you will experience first-hand the daily lives of present-day Khmers. Along the way, you will be treated to different Cambodian culinary experiences that will surely leave you mesmerized. Perk up your adventure with optional tours that will surely take your vacation to a new level of excitement and fun.


Day 1: Arrival at Siem Reap (D)

Your English-speaking local guide will meet you in the airport upon your arrival and accompany you to your hotel to check in. Welcome to Siem Reap, the gateway to the famous temples of Angkor, the center of the ancient Khmer empire.

In the afternoon, take an exciting boat cruise to Tonle Sap Lake and get a glimpse of living on the lake. This body of water is considered as Southeast Asia’s largest inland freshwater lake with its size varying from season to season. During the dry season, it covers an area of about 2,500 square kilometers; its size quadruples to about 10,000 square kilometers during the wet season. You will journey further to Kampong Phluck, an area thriving with authentic Cambodian fisherman’s life. This island is not an often-frequented tourist destination, but it displays marvelous views of mangrove forest, houses on stilts, and a glimpse of the day-to-day lives of inhabitants.

Dinner will be at the training restaurant called HAVEN. This facility houses young adults who came from orphanages. When they come of age, they leave the orphanage and transfer to this facility for vocation training in cooking and hospitality industry. It is hoped that the skills and lessons learned will help them transition from their life in an institution to that of the real world. HAVEN specializes in western food and Asian cuisines, with bits of Swiss menu and vegetarian food. (Open on Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM; Closed on Wednesday, 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM for student training; and whole day Sunday).

Overnight in Siem Reap.

Note: The Boat trip at Tonle Sap Lake is not available during the dry season months of April and May; an alternative tour to Chong Kneas floating village can be arranged in place.

Day 2: Siem Reap (B,L)

Enjoy touring Angkor temples in a guided bike tour accompanied by a customized Cambodian version of Thai tuk tuk called remork which will provide assistance and back up. The remork will fetch you at your hotel for a short trip to the edge of town. An operations staff will orient you and ensure that your bike works properly. When you go touring the Angkor site, you will leave your bike to the care of the remork driver who will bring your transport along wherever you go.

First destination is Angkor Wat, the flagship of the ancient Khmer empire. This Cambodian historical landmark was constructed over a period of 30 years during the time of King Suryavarman II in the 12th century. Its design was patterned from Mount Meru which was considered as the home of the gods. The walls of the structure are adorned with bas-reliefs and stone carvings portraying the war exploits of the king and different stories of the Hindu mythology. If that isn’t lavish enough, get enthralled with 2,000 Apsara dancers decorating the walls of the temple. Angkor Wat is the centerpiece of Cambodia’s national flag symbolizing the essence of the Khmers.

Hop on your bicycle and proceed to Angkor Thom, the last known capital of the Great Cambodian Empire under the rule of Jayavarman VII. This ancient city is enveloped by eight-meter high walls and is situated in a perfect-square compound. You will start your exploration through the South Gate adorned by four giant faces and elephant carvings. The entrance path is lined with 54 images of demigods holding aloft the holy snake Naga. Continue pedaling to the heart of the city at Bayon Temple where you will be amazed by the grandeur of the structures. This temple is popular for its 54 towers, each one depicting mysterious face and is believed to be a symbol of each province of the Empire. Find your way to the Terrace of the Leper King and Terrace of the Elephants whose elaborate bas-relief are simply attention-grabbing.

Continue on your bike escapade with a visit to Ta Prohm temple. This ancient structure was erected in from the 12th to the 13th century. After it was abandoned, it was covered by vines and jungles and most sections of the temple crumbled to the ground. Part of its appeal today is the fact that most of it is still covered with dense vegetation, pretty similar to when it was first rediscovered. It was also featured in a Hollywood movie earning it the moniker “Tomb Raider Temple”. The remork will rendezvous with you at Ta Prohm and take a ride on it or continue pedaling to the former royal bathing pool of Sra Srang where you will have your lunch break at a local restaurant.

The leg of the day’s tour is a scenic ride of the countryside with rice paddies as your backdrop. You will pass by Pradak village which is popular for its various Ka Tien or traditional Khmer noodles. Among the noodles, the most well-known is the Nom Banchok which is made of rice flour and cooked with Praher Khmer or yellow curry soup.

Head north and proceed to the “Citadel of the Women” temple of Banteay Srei, considered as the treasure of the Angkor region. Marvel at this most preserved Khmer architecture where you will find astounding bas-reliefs and details of classical Cambodian art. The structure itself is really unique as it is the only temple in the Angkor area made of pink sandstone.

From Banteay Srei, hop on to the remork and go to Angkor Thom compound where you will take a relaxing paddled gondola cruise at the site’s moat as the sun hide behind the horizon. You will be taken to Prasat Chrung ruins where you will have a better view of the countryside and the sunset. After which, you’ll return to the Angkor Thom gate where the remork will pick you up to bring you back to your hotel.

Overnight in Siem Reap.

Note: the sequence of the tour may be altered, but this should not be a cause of worry as all entrance fees to the site are already covered in the package. The whole cycling route is about 40 kilometers, but can be shortened if you choose to ride the remork.

Day 3: Siem Reap (B,L)

Leave your hotel in the morning for a 16-kilometer trip to Kompheim or more popularly known as the “Lady Bug Village”. A little flexibility may be required as the time of your visit may coincide with one of the village’s events or ceremonies. This place is not a usual tourist destination so visitors need to adjust to the daily routine of the people.

Take an oxcart to tour the village where you will meet your host family. Your host will assist you in performing some seasonal activities like planting or transplanting rice and harvesting. You may also participate in weaving thatch roof and wall panels, plat vegetable and trees, and produce fish paste called prahoc or rice wine. Each tour to this village varies depending on the season, family needs, and activities being performed on the day of the visit. What is definite is that you can snap as many photos as you can to capture authentic Cambodian daily life.

After your busy morning, it’s now time to relax a bit and enjoy some lunch with the local folks or local restaurant. There will be a local food is served . After lunch, you can walk some more around the village then transfer back to town later in the afternoon. Take some time to freshen up and rest.

By 7:00 PM you will be treated to a performance at Phare Ponleu Selpak, also known as Phare, the Cambodian Circus. The show is performed by professional artists and is fit for audiences of all ages. This school of the arts has a unique and touching story of providing education, entertainment, and support to underprivileged communities. The humanitarian effort of the school has helped in fostering warmth and creativity while uplifting the morale of the people in spite of their difficulties. Established in 1994 by young Cambodians who just returned from refugee camps, the Circus has helped a lot of people deal with the trauma they experienced during the Khmer Rouge regime. Their performance involves a mix of modern and traditional theater, music, acrobatics, juggling, contortion, and dance. Performance is twice every week in Battambang and with shows in Siem Reap as well.

Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 4: Siem Reap to Phnom Penh (B,D)

Spend a leisurely morning after your breakfast. Before midday, you will travel to the airport to catch your 60-minute flight to Phnom Penh. At the airport, your English-speaking local guide will meet you and accompany you to your designated hotel.

Phnom Penh is situated where the mighty rivers of Mekong and Tonle Sap converge. Its boulevards are lined with trees and its buildings are great reminders of its French colonial past. It is a city where the east meets the west and considered as one of the most beautiful in the continent of Asia. Today, the capital of Cambodia is a bustling modern city with a fair mix of its Khmer tradition.

After relaxing, you will be fetch by a driver and ride on a cyclo, a uniquely-Cambodian vehicle to explore the city. First stop is the Royal Palace, a well-known city structure that was built in 1866. Then you’ll pass by Wat Prakeo, more popularly known today as Silver Pagoda. Its floors are covered with more than 5,000 silver tiles. It is also called Temple of the Emerald Buddha and you will see a collection of bronze, crystal, gold, and silver Buddhas in the temple. You will also see a magnificent collection of religious, archeological, and artistic Khmer artifacts dating back from the 4th to the 13th centuries.

Evening will be spent on board a Kanika cruise boat to enjoy dinner and tour along Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers with the Phnom Penh skyline serving as your backdrop.

Overnight in Phnom Penh.

Day 5: Phnom Penh (B)

Two choices for an exciting activity today:

Choice 1: Cooking Class (L)

Try your hands in cooking authentic Khmer cuisine. Your day will start at a local food market where you will get an insight about Cambodian spices, fruits, and vegetables from your chef. Savor the variety of colors, tastes, and smells of produce on sale—from the pungent fish sauce to the delectable mango. At the cooking school, you will learn the secrets of preparing traditional dishes. You will first observe and be guided by your chef, and then you will take on the challenge of preparing your own dish which will be served during lunch.

Choice 2: Khmer Dance and Martial Arts

Get your body moving by learning Khmer dance and martial arts at Selapak. This center located in Phnom Penh promotes Cambodian culture through the teaching of classic Khmer dance Apsara and the country’s version of Khmer boxing. You need not be worried about your physical conditioning because the lessons will be adapted to your own unique condition. You will also be provided with your own costumes and uniform, plus a lesson exclusively for you.

Drop by the Russian market in the afternoon and see some Cambodian silk souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, and stone or wood carvings. Also take a detour to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, also known as S-21, a former school used as detention and torture center of the Khmer Rouge.

Later in the day, pass by a French-inspired promenade to view the locals go about their activities. You will see dance practices, exercise classes, and a lot of people enjoying their snacks. Add some more fun in your day by participating in a Khmer dance class.

Overnight in Phnom Penh.

Day 6: Phnom Penh to Kep (B,L)

Prepare yourself this morning as you travel back in time to see a part of the country’s bitter past. You will visit what has become known as “Killing Fields” in Choeung Ek. After which, you will travel south to the province of Takeo.

Along the way, you will stop at Phnom Chisor and hike to the mountain top to visit the a 10th century temple built during the reign of the Angkors. From your perch on the mountain, you will have a great view of the Cambodian country side.

Once you hit the town of Takeo, you will enjoy a simple lunch at a local restaurant. Then your journey will continue a small boad  that will cruise on an ancient canal going to the Angkor Borei archeological museum and Phnom Da temple ruins. You will definitely enjoy the rural scenery as you travel down the river.

You will then proceed to your journey to Kep, a well-known resort town in the 1960s. Today, the town is getting back to its feet and regaining its former glory. You’ll have different choices of activities including a visit to the town’s crab market or national park, or a tour of the different islands.

Overnight in Kep.

Day 7: Kep (B)

You will spend the whole day at Kep on your own and at your own leisure. You may want to see the old royal residences and decaying villas which were abandoned by the rich when the Khmer Rouge took over power. Some are being renovated, while others still remain in shambles. Overnight in Kep.

You may also choose to join an optional morning tour

Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsai): This optional tour starts with a 25-minute trip in the morning to the island of Koh Tonsai, also called Rabbit island, where you can spend the day exploring the place and relaxing at its beautiful, scenic beach. You will be served seafood barbecue for lunch and by mid-afternoon you’ll travel back to Kep where you can spend the remaining part of your day at your own leisure.

Day 8: Kep to Kampot and Sihanoukville (B,L)

Visit the Kep crab market in the morning. The place is busiest during weekends and holidays, but is always a fun place to go any day of the week. Live crabs are stored in baskets dipped in shallow waters and your guide can tell you which one is the best and most delicious. The crabs are cooked in the market itself and served in one of the many rickety huts standing by the edge of the water.

Your next destination is Kampot. Along the way, you will pass bay Secret Lake going to Starling Farm. You will tour this family-owned pepper plantation and learn about the differences of red, white, black, and green peppers. This spice was introduced by Chinese traders some time in 1200s and garnered worldwide recognition in the 1800s because of its high demand in Paris. Enjoy your Lunch at Plantation.

Continue your journey toward Kampot town where you will take a rest and enjoy the French colonial scenery. By late afternoon, you will the beach town of Sihanoukville where you will spend the night.

Overnight in Sihanoukville.

Day 9: Sihanoukville (B)

You will spend the whole day at your own accord or participate in one of the optional tours available. Overnight in Sihanoukville.

You may also choose to join an optional tour

Ream National Park: Situated in an area covering 210 square kilometers, Ream National Park was established in 1993. The vast expanse covers a mix of jungle wilderness, mangrove forests, and coral reefs. It is home to about 200 species of birds, an assortment of monkey types and other wildlife like the rare pangolin. The tour will take you to Koh Sampouch, one of the park’s most picturesque yet remote beaches where you will enjoy a seafood barbeque lunch along with other guests.(Note : It will be confirmed up per pax and water level).

Alternative optional tour: Three Islands Adventure

Go island hopping in this whole day tour. The tour boat will depart at 9:00 AM for Koh Chaluh. At this island, you can go snorkeling to see the beautiful corals and colorful fishes. You can also choose to fish or just stay at the beach to put your feet up and relax. Next stop is Bamboo Island where you can continue to enjoy splashing in the water or continue your relaxation along the yellow sandy beach of the island. Your seafood barbeque lunch will also be served at this island, along with some refreshing fruits and drinks. For the last leg of the tour, you have two choices which you actually need to advice the guide before the tour starts. On the first one, you need to take a 10-minute walk going to the opposite side of Bamboo Island for your boat ride to Koh Tres where you will enjoy snorkeling. The next option is a trip to Koh Takiev for more beach relaxation and swimming. Your tour ends at around 4:00 to 5:00 PM when you return to Sihanoukville.Note : It will be confirmed up per pax and water level)

Day 10: Sihanoukville to Koh Kong (B,D)

After your breakfast, you travel three and half hours to Koh Kong. At Tatai Bridge, you will board a boat along with other passengers and take a 20 minute cruise to your accommodation for the night. Your place is a serene retreat with tented villas set on water in the quiet river bend with the scenic Cardamom Mountain in the background.

There are plenty of activities that you can do at your own leisure, including fishing at your terrace, swimming in the river water, or kayak exploration of the river. This place has a diverse collection of exotic animals including weird-looking insects, colorful butterflies, and over 500 species of birds like great hornbills and brahminy kites.Your dinner will be served at the lodge. Overnight at 4-River-Floating Lodge.

Day 11: Koh Kong (B,L,D)

A private excursion awaits you this day as you travel to the magnificent Tatai Falls. Be amazed as water cascades six meters to the rocks at the bottom of the river. Together with your English-speaking local guide, you will take a 45-minute boat ride at around 10:00 AM to see Tatai Village.

You will take a detour in a tributary heading to the Cardamom jungle to be entertained by a cacophony of sounds of exotic birds and wildlife. In a few minutes, you’ll be at the river’s edge and near the falls. You will have a picnic lunch under the shades of the jungle and may enjoy some refreshing drink and hydro-massage. You may also go kayaking in the afternoon or just enjoy the scenery aboard the boat.

Return to your lodge by late afternoon and enjoy the rest of the time at your own leisure. Dinner will be served at the lodge.

Overnight at 4-River-Floating Lodge.

Day 12: Koh Kong to Phnom Penh for Departure (B)

Enjoy your remaining time after breakfast and prepare for a five-hour trip going to Phnom Penh to catch your departure flight. You may also choose to continue on an overland journey to Thailand.

Rates & Services

Rates: 01.10.2015 – 15.04.2016

Preise pro Person in USD (Privatreise) 2 persons in double room 1 person in single room(single traveller) Single room supplement
Hotel Category Standard 2.122 3.763 539
Hotel Category Superior 2.323 4.145 720
Hotel Category First Class 2.688 4.896 1.105
Note: During certain dates seasonal surcharges may apply, especially during Christmas, New Year and some nights from October to May 2016. Please inquire with us to find out whether this applies for your tour.

Rates: 16.04.2016 – 30.09.2016

Price per person in USD (private tour) 2 persons in double room 1 person in single room(single traveller) Single room supplement
Hotel Category Standard 2.084 3.688 502
Hotel Category Superior 2.303 4.105 700
fdsf  afs fasdsd f fsda 2.582 4.685 1.000
Note: During certain dates seasonal surcharges may apply, especially during Christmas, New Year and some nights from October to May 2016. Please inquire with us to find out whether this applies for your tour

Surcharges for the option tours

Price per person in USD (private tour) 2 persons 1 person (single traveller)
Rabbit Island (Day 7) 35 54
Ream National Park (Day 9) 41 48
Three Islands Adventure (Day 9) 35 35

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• local specialized tour guide (English-speaking, other languages available on request)
• all transfers
• boat tours and air-conditioned car/van transportation as detailed in the itinerary
• domestic flight in Economy Class for Siem Reap-Phnom Penh
• sightseeing as detailed in the itinerary inc. entrance fees
• one high-quality guidebook per room
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Our Selection of Hotels for You

Hotel Category Standard:
Siem Reap: Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel *** (Superior)
Phnom Penh: Double Leaf Boutique Hotel *** (Superior)
Kep: Palm House Boutique **(*) (Pool View)
Sihanoukville: OC Boutique Hotel *** (Superior)
Koh Kong: 4 Rivers Floating Lodge **** (Floating Tent)
Hotel Category Superior:
Siem Reap: Pavillon D’Orient Boutique Hotel ***(*) (Deluxe)
Phnom Penh: Villa Langka *** (Superior)
Kep: Raingsey Bungalow *** (King Room)
Sihanoukville: The Independence Hotel **** (Deluxe)
Koh Kong: 4 Rivers Floating Lodge **** (Floating Tent)
Hotel Category First Class:
Siem Reap: Angkor Village Hotel **** (Garden View)
Phnom Penh: White Mansion Boutique Hotel **** (Deluxe)
Kep: Knai Bang Chatt **** (Garden)
Sihanoukville: Sokha Beach Resort ***** (Ocean Wing Superior)
Koh Kong: 4 Rivers Floating Lodge **** (Floating Tent)

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